The makeover journey of Victoria

Second edition newsletter
In this second edition of our newsletter we want to give you a view inside one of our customers’ Trans Makeover into the stunning Victoria.

The Makeover

Upon arrival your hands will be disinfected. We follow the RIVM COVID-19 guidelines.To start off we will have a drink and talk about what we are going to do during Makeover. We then show the multiple looks that have been put together for you. We are now ready to start the transformation, change clothes, make-up and styling. After which the first photoshoot follows. Between the photoshoot and the second look, we will have a nice bite to eat and a drink (high tea). For the last look we wil change the make-up, hair and clothing. After the second shoot we can help with the removal of make-up, you can change clothes again. Editted photos will be send digitally in about a week.
Foods and drinks (high tea) are included, If you have any allergies contact us beforehand so we can make sure to keep that in mind.
We have a beautiful space inside to do the photoshoots. We can also go outside or to a specific location of choice to take the pictures.
Would you like to start your own Trans Makeover journey? Fill in our intake form and set a date with us. We hope to see you soon.

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