The Trans Makeover of Mila

Voor de make-over van Mila

Mila's Message

First of all, I would say that I can recommend it to anyone who is unsure. They are very sweet and open people who make time for you. And work well and in a specialized manner. Loren behind the camera, she ensures that you really feel at ease and not feel uncomfortable to do certain poses or looks. And Lux with make-up. She clearly explains what she does and gives many tips. This allows you to get started at home after your experience. There is plenty of choice for nice outfits and looks that you can choose, there is something for everyone. You will be well pampered and there’s a lot of space for your own needs, and to ask questions you have. So, do not feel burdened and ask your questions they are there to help you and give you the right push to continue on how you want to feel.

In short, a very big 10 for TransMakeover ❤ And can’t wait until I can and can come again!