Lux and Laurens are both proud to identify as genderfluid individuals. Although they often present as their cis selves, they have found comfort and happiness in embracing both aspects of their gender identity. During their younger years, they contemplated transitioning but ultimately realized that they could fully express themselves as both male and female.

Both Lux and Laurens have a passion for crossdressing, spanning MtF and FtM transformations. Drawing on their personal experiences, they co-founded Trans Makeover and Trans Academy – institutions dedicated to the art of transformation.

Lux boasts an impressive background in fashion, having worked as a Fashion Week designer, incorporating genderfluid, trans, and crossdressing models in her runway shows. She has also styled for television programs, music videos, and high-profile events like the MTV Awards.

Growing up as a tomboy in a conservative Jehovah’s Witness family, Lux initially struggled to explore her gender identity. However, upon breaking free from these constraints, she delved into the world of transformation, honing her skills in both natural and more extreme makeup styles. Lux’s experience as a designer and her knowledge in psychology further enhance her ability to guide clients through their transformative makeovers.

Laurens/Loren discovered their feminine side early on and gradually began to explore this aspect of their identity. Another of their passions is photography, which has evolved from a hobby into a professional career. In addition to being a talented photographer, Laurens/Loren is also an IT professional.

When Lux and Laurens crossed paths, they discovered the perfect synergy of their skills and passions. Their shared mission is to help others embrace their other side or even unveil their true selves through the transformative power of makeovers and self-expression.

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