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Introducing “TransMakeover Anywhere”: Your Personalized Makeover Journey Comes to You

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At TransMakeover, we have always been committed to empowering our clients to feel comfortable, beautiful, and truly themselves. We constantly strive to extend our boundaries and provide innovative services tailored to our clients’ unique needs and comfort levels. We’re incredibly excited to announce our latest initiative that brings our transformative makeovers right to your doorstep: “TransMakeover Anywhere“.

As part of this service, we offer our expert makeover services at a location of your choice, making the transformative experience even more personal and meaningful. Now, your comfort zone is our studio!

Our “TransMakeover Anywhere” service offers packages starting from €2000, reflecting the intricate care and preparation that goes into providing our highly personalized service in new locations. There are a few additional factors that may affect the final cost of this unique experience. These include travel expenses for our team, potential accommodation requirements, per diem allowances, equipment transportation, location-specific costs, additional insurance, and potential overtime pay.

However, despite these logistical complexities, our top priority remains providing a comprehensive and enjoyable experience. To mitigate potential limitations in clothing and equipment options due to transportation constraints, we are delighted to offer a personal shopping experience as part of this service. This allows us to collaborate closely with you, ensuring we select the perfect outfits and accessories that truly reflect your style and personality.

Additionally, for those seeking an even more immersive transformation experience, we offer the possibility of extending the service over several days at an additional cost. This allows you ample time to fully embrace and enjoy your transformation.

With “TransMakeover Anywhere”, you have the opportunity to create a unique look and enjoy a personal makeover experience within the comfortable confines of your chosen location. While the effort in planning might be more, the resulting personalized and intimate makeover experience truly justifies it.

Interested in embarking on your own personalized TransMakeover journey? We would love to discuss how we can bring the TransMakeover experience to you, no matter where you are. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to start the conversation. We can’t wait to accompany you on your transformative journey!

Experience the power of transformation in the comfort of your chosen place and at your pace with “TransMakeover Anywhere“. Transform yourself, transform your life.

Maybe you’re more interested in The Makeover Experience in Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands, visit us for a The Makeover Experience instead.



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