At TransMakeover, we believe that each individual’s transformation journey should be documented with the utmost care and precision. This belief underpins our approach to photography, led by our co-founder Laurens. Laurens’ photography skills are a key part of the TransMakeover experience. With an eye for detail and a talent for capturing the essence of transformation.

Photography for Transformation and Design

Laurens has brought his photography expertise not only to TransMakeover but also to Elegant Curiosities, capturing the designs in their most vivid and expressive form. Composition, lighting, and perspective have helped showcase the unique designs in the best possible light.

The Retouching Process

After a photoshoot, Laurens uses Adobe Lightroom Classic to compare, rate, and select the best images. He then turns to professional software Adobe Photoshop for the meticulous process of retouching, ensuring that each image enhances and stays true to the client’s transformation. This is one of the reasons why we don’t use face filters as seen being used by many photographers and make-up artists. We will then share your final retouched images via a One Drive folder.

Professional Gear and Lenses

TransMakeover uses only the best equipment to capture your transformation. The setup includes the latest Sony A7 full-frame models and portable Godox high-speed sync flashes, with varying power outputs to suit different shooting conditions. Our studio is equipped with various beauty softboxes, backdrops, and props. Therefore allowing us to create a diverse range of styles and moods.

Trans Makeover’s lens collection is equally diverse. Firstly, The 50mm f/1.4 lens is perfect for portrait shots, offering a shallow depth of field that beautifully blurs the background. The 85mm f/1.4 lens is a go-to for headshots and portraits, producing stunning bokeh effects. While the 135mm f/1.8 lens is excellent for capturing details and adding a cinematic feel to the photos. Fourthly, Our range of f/2.8 zoom lenses are versatile and great for various shooting scenarios. For a unique perspective, we also use a fisheye lens, which provides a wide, hemispherical view of the world.

Behind the scenes: Laurens taking pictures of Victoria outside.

Photography at Trans Makeover

A photographer doesn’t take a picture; they create a lasting memory.

The art of photography is more than just clicking a button; it’s about capturing a moment, a feeling, a transformation. Rest assured that your journey at Trans Makeover will be beautifully documented with Laurens behind the lens, unquestionably making your transformation an unforgettable memory.

Model Giselle Devereaux Iman wearing the look "Retro but Relevant".

Join us for a Trans Makeover

Unleash your transformation and let us capture the beautiful journey with our professional photography and retouching services. At TransMakeover, we are committed to making your transformation an unforgettable experience, one that’s uniquely tailored to your style, comfort, and individuality.

Ready to embark on your own journey of transformation? Book a TransMakeover session today and let our skilled team guide you through each step, ensuring you feel confident and radiant throughout the process. Your transformation will be beautifully documented, making it an unforgettable memory that you can cherish forever.

Looking for more intensive coaching and guidance? Enroll in our Trans Academy. We offer a comprehensive, personalized coaching plan that goes beyond make-up and styling. From skincare routines and hairstyling to behavioral coaching and mental health support, Trans Academy provides an approach to embracing and expressing your femininity.

Whatever path you choose, we are here to support you. Begin your journey with us today and experience the power of transformation.

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