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Male to Female Transformation: Spotlight on Svenja

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Meet Svenja, a strong individual from Switzerland who traveled all the way to embark on journey of self-discovery through our Male to Female Transformation service. Guided by the skilled hands of Lux, and captured through the lens of photographer Laurens. Svenja’s transformation was an empowering experience of embracing her femininity.

Femme Weekend

Svenja stayed with us for an extended personalised femme weekend. At TransMakeover, we provide a comprehensive transformation service, including makeup application, wig selection, and personal styling. Our aim is to help each individual express their inner femininity in the most authentic and beautiful way. From the soft glow of the perfectly applied foundation to the allure of a perfectly fitted dress, every detail is meticulously planned and executed. Lux’s professional touch and creative vision in Svenja’s makeover brought out a striking transformation that was both stunning and deeply personal.


Post-transformation, we create a supportive and exciting atmosphere for a professional photoshoot. Laurens, our experienced photographer, was behind the lens for Svenja’s session. His keen eye for detail and understanding of Svenja’s transformation journey reflected beautifully in the images captured. Whether in the comfortable confines of our studio or the inspiring outdoors, our photoshoots are designed to celebrate and immortalize the transformative journey.


We understand the thrill and the challenge of exploring the world in a possibly new persona. Our team is available to accompany clients on their first outings, providing support and reassurance. This service is a testament to our commitment to ensuring our clients feel confident and comfortable in their male-to-female transformations.

Makeup Lessons

For those interested in regularly expressing their femininity, we offer makeup lessons as part of our Trans Academy service. We teach you the techniques to create a feminine appearance, allowing you to recreate your transformation look independently.

The journey of male to female transformation is a deeply personal and significant one. It’s not just about the outward change but also the inner exploration of femininity. At TransMakeover, we feel honored to be a part of these transformative journeys, just like Svenja’s. Makeovers that embody personal growth, self-expression, and acceptance.

Begin Your Transformation Journey Today!

Embrace your true self and explore your feminine side with our transformation services? Our expert team at TransMakeover is committed to making your journey as beautiful, comfortable, and empowering as possible.

Whether you’re looking for a full transformation session or personalized coaching. We have just the right solution for you. Take the first step towards your own unique makeover journey.

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