Trans Makeover styles: A Journey into 10 Styles

Your transformation is about more than just changing clothes and doing makeup and hair. It’s about discovering and expressing your other/true identity. Join us as we explore 10 fabulous at Trans Makeover styles that you can incorporate into your makeover journey. Each category is an exciting new avenue to explore your style expression. 

Each look described below can be uniquely tailored to align with your personal vision. Our transformation walk-in closet is brimming with hundreds of clothing pieces ready for your selection. Additionally, we offer a vast range of shoes in EU sizes 38-47, and an impressive collection of over 40 wigs. As for the makeup, rest assured Lux is fully equipped to artfully transform you into your desired style. 

Glamour: Unleash Your Inner Diva

For those aiming to make a bold impression, glamour style presents a fantastic avenue. It offers that extra dash of femininity combined with an additional dose of flair. It’s the perfect choice for individuals seeking to differentiate themselves and truly dazzle. 

A gender Transformation with @jayachdee in a glamour look
Glamour look by @jayachdee

Bridal: Embodying Elegance and Love

Embodying a bride naturally encapsulates the essence of femininity. We proudly present our bridal collection that currently features six stunning wedding dresses, with plans to expand our assortment in the future. To complete the ensemble, we offer tiaras, veils, and matching exquisite jewelry. While we have a range of dresses, we also welcome you to bring your own dress if you want to personalize your bridal look. 

TransMakeover Bridal look & shoot by @soniasimons79
Bridal look by @soniasimons79

Princess/Fantasy: Transform into a Fairytale Character

Our selection of princess or fantasy attire primarily consists of smaller size gowns and costumes, ranging from EU sizes 34-38. Complemented by vibrant wigs and tiaras, these ensembles complete the magical aesthetic. Before opting for this style, we advise reaching out to us to discuss the available options. You’re also always welcome to bring your own costume or gown to further personalize the fantasy experience.

Princess fantasy look with Elegant Curiosities styling.
Princess fantasy look with Elegant Curiosities styling.

Vintage: Timeless Fashion for a Classic Look

For those who appreciate the timeless charm of bygone eras, vintage styles offer a wealth of fashion inspiration.  
This extends not just to your outfit, but also your choices of wigs, makeup, and accessories. 

@rebeccax_cd vintage look at Trans Makeover
@rebeccax_cd vintage look at Trans Makeover

Casual: Effortlessly Chic Everyday Attire

Comfortable yet stylish, casual fashion is perfect for everyday wear. You don’t always have to opt for an extravagant look. There’s beauty in simplicity too. Consider a casual, laid-back style – just like an ordinary girl on an everyday outing. 

@Victoria85 casual look outside at Trans Makeover
@Victoria85 casual look outside at Trans Makeover

Girly: Embrace Feminine Styles with Flair

Girly styles lean into traditionally feminine clothing and colors. Think floral prints, pastel hues, and lots of frills and ruffles. Embrace softness and femininity in your style journey with this category. 

Girly transformation of Sothis at Trans Makeover
Sothis on a swing in a cute pink girly look.

Goth: Channel Your Dark and Edgy Side

Dramatic, unique, and a little edgy, goth fashion allows for a darker color palette and alternative fashion choices. If you’re drawn to black lace, corsets, or unique accessories, this style might be perfect for you. Paired with bold, dark makeup, this style creates an intense, striking look.

Danni goth transformation by Trans Makeover
Danni in a goth look

Party / Sexy: Sizzle and Shine All Night Long

Ready look like you are going to dance the night away? Party styles are all about cute dresses and fashion that makes a statement. Embody that perfect look for a night out or a special event, party styles let you express your fun, outgoing side.

@victoria85s in a party look outside
Party look @victoria85s

Classy: Sophistication and Timeless Charm

Sophisticated and timeless, classy styles are all about clean lines, refined colors, and high-quality fabrics. Think pencil skirts, or elegant gowns that radiate refinement and sophistication. 

Josy walking in the park in a classy outfit Transformation
Josy walking in the park in a classy outfit

Uniform (Maid Uniforms): Playful fun

Role-play fashion can offer a unique avenue for self-expression. Maid uniforms, in particular, combine the elegance of classic service attire with the fun of a little theatricality. It’s a unique style that combines playfulness with the charm of classic uniforms. 

@jenniferxdress wearing a red maid uniform, maid look transformation.
@jenniferxdress wearing a red maid uniform.

Other styles at Trans Makeover

If you have a particularly distinct style in mind, you’re welcome to bring along your own attire, and we’ll ensure the rest falls perfectly into place. See for example or other blog post about “Boudoir Transformation Makeover“.

Trans Makeover walk-in closet.
Of course there are many other styles available 👍🏻.

Remember, no matter the style you choose, the journey is about expressing your true self. Don’t be afraid to explore, experiment, and have fun with your makeover! With a respectful, inclusive environment and professional expertise guiding you, the perfect look is just waiting to be discovered. 

Our team is excited to help you unveil your sensual side with our boudoir photoshoot. To book your transformation and to learn more about our services, please visit our book a makeover page.

Whether you’re seeking to embrace your true self or simply explore a different side of your identity. Whatever the reason is we’re here to support you every step of the way. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.



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