Welcome to Trans Makeover

Everyone has a right to self-expression, self-love, and the freedom to explore who they truly are. Trans Makeover welcomes everyone, irrespective of where they are in their journey. Whether you’re just starting with crossdressing, merely curious, or deep into your transition, the door is open. Curious about what lies inside? Let’s dive in.

What Trans Makeover Offers

Inclusivity is our mantra. Each service is designed with love, understanding, and expertise. Whether you’re looking for a brief escapade into a different version of yourself or a deep dive into your transformation, there’s something for everyone.

Makeover Services

Imagine a canvas. Now, think of three distinct images you’d like to paint on it. That’s what our makeover services are like. Three distinct looks, professionally captured. Over 4 hours of makeup, hair, clothing, and photoshoots for €495. And yes, there’s food. A delightful lunch awaits you.

Garments and Makeup

Our wardrobe is vast, and our makeup precise. Fill an intake form, and our stylist will curate looks just for you. And our photography? Pure and genuine. No heavy edits, just you in your radiant glory. Read our blog post Trans Makeover styles: A Journey into 10 Styles to find out what styles you would like to experience.

The TransMakeover Experience

It’s not just a makeover; it’s an experience. From drinks and discussions about plans to reflection on the transformation, we ensure every moment is cherished.

Who Can Benefit from Trans Makeover’s Services?

Trans Makeover understands the varied, intricate layers of gender identity and expression. It’s not just about the outside; it’s about authentically representing one’s inner self. Below is a list of identities that Trans Makeover is proud to serve:

Transgender Women/Men

Individuals transitioning or who have transitioned from male-to-female (MTF) or female-to-male (FTM).


Occasional wearers of clothing from the opposite gender, with “T-Girl” being an alternate term in specific circles.

Genderqueer & Non-Binary

Those whose gender identity isn’t strictly male or female.


Individuals with a fluid gender identity, changing over time.

Agender & Bigender

Those identifying with no gender or two genders, respectively.


A term from Indigenous North American cultures, symbolizing a blend of masculine and feminine energies.

Drag Queens/Kings

Entertainers adopting exaggerated gender expressions primarily for performance.

Gender Non-Conforming (GNC)

People transcending societal gender norms with diverse expressions.


A blend of male and female gender presentations.


Those partially identifying with the male or female gender.


Enthusiasts adopting different genders for character portrayals.

Theater/Film Performers

Adopting various gender roles for their craft.


Exploring and seeking clarity on their gender identity.

Cisgender Allies

Experiencing gender transformation for personal, artistic, or supportive reasons.

Femboy & Tomboy

Terms denoting specific gender presentations or behaviors typically associated with the opposite gender.

Gender Variant

A broad umbrella for all non-conforming gender identities and expressions.

The Workspace

Pink makeover rooms, crossdress walk-in closets, makeup brands, and more. Trans Makeover is more than a space; it’s a sanctuary.


Located in the picturesque Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands, we offer an ambiance as unique as our services.

Trans Makeover outside photoshoot with Svenja.

Dive Deeper with TransMakeover Deluxe

For those seeking the ultimate transformation journey, this package is a dream come true.

Comprehensive Services at TransMakeover & Trans Academy

Beyond makeovers, our offerings extend to personal coaching with Trans Academy. Dive into every facet of femininity, from makeup to mental health guidance.

Trans Academy Personal Coaching

Personalized sessions to guide, empower, and transform. All set against the backdrop of the idyllic Capelle aan den IJssel. Read more about Personal Coaching.

Why Choose Trans Makeover

It’s not just a makeover; it’s a journey of self-discovery. And at Trans Makeover, you’re not alone on this journey.


  1. Is the environment at Trans Makeover inclusive?
    • Absolutely! We ensure a comfortable and inclusive environment for all.
  2. How does Trans Makeover ensure hygiene?
    • We emphasize cleanliness, and items like makeup sponges and false eyelashes are yours to keep after the session.
  3. Can the photoshoot be done outdoors?
    • Yes, based on your comfort, we can arrange for indoor or outdoor photoshoots.
  4. What languages does the Lux speak?
    • Fluent in both Dutch and English.
  5. What should clients do before a makeover session?

Whether you’re a transgender individual, a drag performer, a cosplayer, or simply someone exploring their gender identity, Trans Makeover is the place for you. We believe in creating a safe, affirming space where everyone can embrace their true selves.

Now, we hope you have a clearer understanding of the world of Trans Makeover. Dive into the experience, embrace the transformation, and always remember, everyone is welcome here.



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Welcome to Trans Makeover

Everyone has a right to self-expression, self-love, and the freedom to explore who they truly are. Trans Makeover welcomes everyone, irrespective of where they are

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