Dinner Experience

Unleash your inner elegance and join us for an unforgettable night of transformation and fine dining with the Trans Makeover Dinner Experience.

Starting at our Capelle aan den IJssel studio, our experts Lux & Loren will guide you through a personalized transformation process. Your makeover includes one meticulously curated look that captures your essence and amplifies your unique style. Whether you desire a sultry and seductive style or a chic and sophisticated look, our team will ensure you step out feeling confident and glamorous.

Once you’ve been styled, we will capture your radiant new look in a professional photoshoot, both in our studio and at your chosen dinner location. As part of this package, our photographer, Loren, will work with you to create stunning portraits that showcase your transformation, and you’ll receive retouched digital copies of these treasured mementos.

Following your photoshoot, you’ll join Lux & Loren for a delightful dinner where you can truly live your experience. This will provide you with a safe, supportive environment to embrace your transformation and relish in your new look as you enjoy a delightful meal.

The Trans Makeover Dinner Experience lasts approximately 4 hours and is priced at €400, exclusive of dinner costs for the group. We warmly welcome you to bring a friend along for support. If you wish for your friend to join in the transformative journey too, they can enjoy their own makeover for just an additional €250.

Join us for an evening of transformation, conversation, and culinary delights. Book your Trans Makeover Dinner Experience today, and let us be a part of your unforgettable journey.

What kind of look can I expect from the makeover?

We have a variety of styles for you to choose from for your makeover! Our recent blog post, “Trans Makeover styles: A Journey into 10 Styles”, explores the different styles you can incorporate into your transformation journey.

We recommend the following options:
Glamour: This style would be ideal if the dinner is at a high-end restaurant or an evening event where you would like to make a bold, stylish impression.
Classy: This style is perfect for any dinner setting. It’s all about clean lines, refined colors, and high-quality fabrics. It’s sophisticated and timeless, suitable for a nice restaurant or a casual dinner.
Party/Sexy: If you’re planning on continuing the night with a party or dancing after dinner, this style would be a great choice. It’s fun, outgoing, and sure to make a statement.
Casual: This style is perfect for a laid-back dinner setting. It’s comfortable, stylish, and gives you an effortless chic look.

Remember, the style you choose should resonate with your personal preference and the type of dinner event you’re attending. Don’t be afraid to express yourself and have fun with your makeover!

What will the photoshoot entail? Will I get any guidance on posing?

The photoshoot is a key part of your Trans Makeover Dinner Experience. Our professional photographers will guide you through a series of poses designed to accentuate your femininity and showcase your style. They’ll help you explore angles, use your hands and posture effectively, and highlight your best features. Whether you’re adept at modeling or a complete beginner, our team will ensure you feel at ease, helping you express your inner diva while capturing the most beautiful images. This is your chance to shine and we’re here to help make it memorable!

You can read more about the photoshoot on our blog post “A Guide to Posing for your Trans Makeover: Embrace Your Femininity

If I have certain dietary needs or allergies, how are these handled?

Please provide us with your dietary restrictions or allergies in advance, so we can inform the restaurant. If you prefer to make the restaurant reservation yourself, you can relay the information directly to them.

What kind of photo retouching is provided?

For information on our photo retouching procedures, we encourage you to read our related blog post at https://transmakeover.com/2023/05/16/behind-the-lens-art-of-photography-retouching-at-transmakeover/

What is your refund policy for cancellations?

Our cancellation policy can be found in our terms of service at https://booking.transmakeover.com/algemene-voorwaarden-trans-makeover/

Am I allowed to bring more than one friend to the experience?

It might be possible, but please inform us in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements. Please note that we can accommodate makeup services for only one additional friend.

What is the cost if my friend also wants a makeover?

The additional charge for a friend’s makeover is €250, making the total €700.

How far ahead should I reserve my dinner experience?

You can check our availability in our booking calendar. We are typically booked a month in advance, but occasional cancellations may open up slots. Usually the next two months are open for bookings, for dates longer in advance please email us.

Can the dinner experience be booked for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary?

Absolutely, we would be delighted to help you celebrate!

Am I able to choose the timing for my dinner experience?

Yes, you can specify your preferred time during the booking process. Our usual start times range between 5pm and 7pm.

What measures are taken to protect my privacy during this experience?

While your privacy is assured within our studio, please be aware that stepping outside may involve interaction with others. However, it is highly unlikely that anyone would recognize you in your transformed look.

How should I prepare for my night out?

In preparation for your night out, you can start by ensuring your skin is as smooth as possible. Shaving your facial hair is an essential step. To help you with this process, we have prepared a blog post that provides a detailed guide on how to achieve a smooth shave. You can find this information at https://transmakeover.com/2023/05/19/shaving-preparations-for-a-smooth-skin/. Follow the tips and techniques outlined there to prepare your skin for the best makeover experience.

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