Male to female and female to male makeover service

With our transformation and makeover services we will lovingly guide you through a stunning transformation into the opposite gender.  Experience the other (or maybe even the real) you.

We offer many different options and can cater for your needs and fantasies. Whatever your style and preferences might be, we will do our best to transform you into the person of your dreams.


Think of the thrill you’ll have seeing your other self in the mirror.

In our wardrobe we have many different outfits to match your dress style. Glamour, casual, sexy, retro, fantasy and more! Also items from Elegant Curiosities can be used for the styling. You are welcome to bring your own clothes, shoes, lingerie and accessories.

To create a lasting memory of the experience a professional photoshoot is included with the service.


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Male-to-female & female-to-male makeovers

Our makeovers are not intended to just change your look, but also make you experience the feelings along with it.

Are you planning or already started transitioning, we would also love to help you find your look.

  • Two different looks, make-up, hair, clothing.
  • A professional photoshoot.
  • Food and drinks are included.

A four hour makeover € 259

We will make sure we have everything that’s needed. You just sit back and relax and let the transformation begin!

Add a third look

Two looks aren’t enough? The Deluxe Package adds a third look to your make-over session. Select the Deluxe package during check-out.

The Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, you can bring your own clothes. 

1.5 hour additional time is available in the deluxe package. 

Due to the COVID-19 regulation you currently can’t bring an extra person to the make-over. 

The basic make-over package is around 4 hours.

The deluxe package is 5 and a half hours.

We can help you with removing your make-up. We double check before you leave!

If you want to keep your make-up on afterwards, that’s fine too! We can give you some tips on how to remove the make-up for later.

Yes, the photos are yours and you are free to do with them whatever you’d like. We do ask kindly to leave our watermark visible on the photos and tag us whenever possible.

Tag us on insta @Trans.Makeover

If you allow us, we can put your photo on our website.

We can do the photoshoot inside the apartment with complete privacy, or outside if you’re up for it!

We are located near Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands. A week prior to your make-over we will send you the exact location details.

Yes, we both speak Dutch and English.


Want to bring along a friend or partner to your makeover?

We gladly welcome a friend or partner that would like to accompany you in your makeover journey or have a makeover as well. Ask us about duo arrangements.

Our location is in Capelle aan den IJssel the Netherlands other locations are possible at extra cost.

Johnny / Lux

Make-up and styling

Loren / Laurens