Unleashing Your Feminine Side

At TransMakeover and Trans Academy, we offer a unique range of services designed to help you explore, express, and embrace your feminine side. Whether you’re interested in crossdressing, transitioning, or simply curious about tapping into your feminine energy, our personalized coaching sessions and transformative makeovers are here to guide and support you on your journey.

Trans Makeover in Capelle aan den IJssel

Trans Makeover invites you to step into a world where you can truly express your femininity. Our personalized transformation sessions are a comprehensive experience, starting with a detailed consultation to understand your desires, followed by expert makeup application, hairstyling, and outfit selection from our vast wardrobe. The session concludes with a professional photoshoot, capturing your transformation in beautiful, high-quality images.

Our Experiences

An evening out for a dressed up dinner.

TransMakeover Anywhere: Your Place, Your Pace

Expanding the boundaries of transformation, our new service “TransMakeover Anywhere” brings our expert makeovers to a location of your choice, allowing you to experience your transformation in the comfort and privacy of your chosen environment. From personalized clothing selection to multi-day transformation experiences, we’re ready to adapt our services to meet your unique needs.

Trans Academy Personal Coaching

The Trans Academy is our dedicated coaching platform, offering a range of services designed to guide and support you in your exploration of femininity. Our coaching sessions are personalized to meet your specific needs and may cover areas such as:

  • Makeup and styling lessons
  • Guidance on movement, behavior, and walking in heels
  • Hair styling and wigs
  • Hand and nail care, including painting your nails
  • Shaving instructions
  • Skincare routines
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Shopping together dressed as a woman
  • Ear piercing
  • Gel nail application
  • Mental health coaching


Each coaching day spans 6 hours and costs €595. After an online intake, we will personalize your coaching plan, ensuring that your journey with us is tailored specifically to your needs and desires.

Included in the one-day coaching package is a delightful feminine high tea (please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions). Extra photography or video can be added to your package, providing a lasting memory of your transformation journey.

Trans Academy is located in Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands, a beautiful setting for your transformative journey.

Whether you’re stepping into a new phase of self-discovery or simply want to express your femininity in a safe, supportive environment, Trans Makeover and Trans Academy are here to help. Our services are designed to empower and inspire, providing you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to embrace your transformation journey.